9/20/2015 Answer:
4 Eight's with an Ace high

Total Guesses: 9

  Correct: 7

  Wrong: 2

Best Time: 00:15

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Is Aces over Kings the best Full House Hand?

If you were dealt the ideal Full House hand in a standard 5 card poker game, what would it be? If you are thinking Aces over Kings – you might want to think about it again. When you define the best Full House hand based on how many hands around the poker table that can beat you, Aces over Kings is not the best hand.

If you have any Full House hand that contains three Aces, you have the best Full House around the table. So, which pair you are holding is irrelevant in relationship to other Full House hands. It is also a wash when you look at the number of Four of a Kind hands that can beat you, all 14 of them.

However, if you examine the number of Straight Flushes that can beat your Full House hand, it is a different story. Holding a Pair of Kings, means that there are 34 different Straight Flushes that can trump your hand; but, if you have a Pair of Eights, there are only a possible 27 Straight Flush hands. So if you are a person that likes to play the odds and you have a choice of the perfect Full House hand, you are better off with the Pair of Eights.

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  • The Card Cheat by The Clash
  • Easy Money by Billy Joel
  • The House Of The Rising Sun by Bob Dylan and The Animals
  • The Gambler by Kenny Rogers
  • Luck Be A Lady by Sinatra
  • Money For Nothing by Dire Straits
  • Shape Of My Heart by Sugababes & String
  • She's Got The Jack by AC/DC
  • Three Card Trick by The Clash
  • Winner Takes All by Abba

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Is Aces over Kings the best Full House Hand?

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