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General Instructions

The Eye Spy Game Card consists of 48 cards (8 columns x 6 rows). Close to 12,000 poker hands can be formed by selecting any 5 cards as long as the cards touch one another. Cards do NOT have to be in the same row, column or diagonal fashion – they just have to touch including diagonal corners.

Create 5 card poker hand on the game card (touching cards) to answer the Eye Spy Questions.

Question Defintions

Most of the Eye Spy Questions should be straight forward, like X Flushes or X Full Houses. In these cases find the number of Flushes or Straights on the card by selecting 5 cards from the card that are touching each other in some fashion, including diagonals. However, some questions might need further explanation like X “Flushes” with Low card being Even. What is meant by “Even”, especially as it relates to Aces, Kings, Queens, or Jacks? See below for further explanation.

Also, keep in mind if a Poker Hand meets a higher criteria, for example, Straight Flush, it does NOT count as a Straight or a Flush. Each poker hand always belongs to a SINGLE category (highest/best category).

Full House with Same Color Pair

Full House with Same Color Pair - DQ SQ CQ D9 H9

Find a Full House on the game card whereby the three cards of the same value can be any color but the both cards of the pair either need to be both black or both red.

Full House with only Three Suits

Full House with 3 Suits - D8 S8 C8 DK CK

Find a Full House on the game card whereby all 5 cards can NOT be all 4 suits. Since a Full House contains 3 of a Kind, the 5 card hand will always have at least 3 suits.

Full House with NO 'x' (Diamonds,Clubs, Hearts,Spade)

Similar to above (Full House with only Three Suits) except the three suits will be determined by the suit the Full House can NOT contain.

Flushes with ALL Cards being Odd (or all Even)

Odd Only Flush - SK SQ SJ S7 S3 Even Only Flush - SA SJ S0 S6 S2

The important note is that any Face Card (Ace, King, Queen, or Jack) does not count as Even or Odd. When determining if the Hand is all Even or Odd, all Face Cards are Free cards, which ARE INCLUDED as a valid hand if the cards that are Ten or lower are Odd or Even (Depending on the specific question). For example, a King, Queen, Jack, Seven and Three of the same suit would be considered an Odd Only Flush since the King, Queen and Jack are neither even nor odd. Likewise, an Ace, Jack, Ten, Six and Two would be considered an All Even Flush.

Flushes with Low (or High) Card being Odd (or Even)

Find a Flush where the High or Low card in the Hand is Odd or Even depending on the specific question. For the question of High Card being Even or Odd, the highest card in a hand has to be Ten or lower.