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Unlike the Daily Puzzle, in King of the Hill there is no timers, no penalties and especailly NO second place!

It does not matter how fast you are as long as you are the first to solve the puzzle against other online users.

Every 10 minute

The real fun of Eye Spy Poker is not just solving a puzzle but rather competing with others and solving it first. There is a puzzle at least every 10 minutes so you can coordinate with your buds on when to play. Once the current puzzle is solved, a new puzzle begins within a minute!

Thirty seconds prior to the upcoming game, the results of the current puzzle will be shown without a winner.


No penalties? Not exactly, everyone has exposure to all guesses. You may not want to tip-off your hand by guessing too quickly with the wrong answer! There is also the ability to do simple chatting plus visibility into the card selection process.

Eye Spy Puzzles

The Eye Spy Game Card consists of 48 cards (8 columns x 6 rows). Close to 12,000 poker hands can be formed by selecting any 5 cards as long as the cards touch one another. Cards do NOT have to be in the same row, column or diagonal fashion – they just have to touch including diagonal corners.

Your job is to find the best 5 card poker hand on the game card. It is that simple – or is it?