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Tap the Green Circles to play the top card on the deck below.

Once the Game Card is completed, the system will automatically reveal your best poker hand.

It is very easy to create a Royal Flush but very hard to have an Ace High hand as the best poker hand!

How low can you go?

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Eye Spy Poker Card

The Eye Spy Game Card consists of 48 cards (8 columns x 6 rows). Close to 12,000 poker hands can be formed by any 5 cards that are touching one another. Cards do NOT have to be in the same row, column or diagonal. Cards just need to touch one another, including diagonal corners.

High to Low Hands

Straight (Royal) Flush

Royal Flush - SA SK SQ SJ S0 Straight Flush - H5 H4 H3 H2 HA

Four of a Kind

King High Four Kind - SK HK CK DK H2 Queen High Four Kind - SQ HQ CQ DQ SA

Full House

Jacks over Fours Full House - SJ HJ CJ D4 H4 Nines over Aces Full House - H9 C9 D9 CA HA


King High Flush - HK H8 H7 H3 H2 Queen High Flush - CQ CJ C0 C8 C6


Queen High Straight - DQ CJ D0 S9 H8

Three of a Kind

Jack High Three of a Kind - DJ CJ HJ C9 H4 Ten High Three of a Kind - D0 C0 H0 CQ HK

Two Pair

Pair of Aces and Threes - SA CA H3 C3 D9 Pair of Kings and Queens - SK DK CQ HQ DA

One Pair

Pair of Nines - D9 H9 SA CJ D4

High Card

High Card King - HK D0 C9 C7 S4