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5 - Royal Flush

4 - Straight Flush

3 - Four of Kind

2 - Full House

1 - Straight or Flush

*9th Hand 3x Points

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Pick as many valid 5 card poker hands (cards must touch) in 3 minutes. Points are awarded for Straights or better. Save the best for last since the 9th hand is worth triple points!

Hint: Submit 0 point hands to better position cards and as a means to submit all 9 hands!

Also, you can play the same game card more than once a day.

Eye Spy Poker Card

The Eye Spy Game Card consists of 48 cards (8 columns x 6 rows). Close to 12,000 poker hands can be formed by any 5 cards that are touching one another. Cards do NOT have to be in the same row, column or diagonal. Cards just need to touch one another, including diagonal corners.

Special Thanks ...

To @islandnucknut, an early adopter of Eye Spy Poker, for coming up with the concept of selecting as many hands as possible in 3 minutes. He is on twitter and worth a follow!