6/29/2015 Puzzle:
Find the Best 5 Card Poker Hand?

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Solving Daily Eye Spy Puzzle Awarded Points Breakdown

Points are awarded for solving the daily puzzle based on 5 categories: Medal Placement, Defeated Players, Consecutive Solved Puzzles, Speed/Time, and most importantly Consecutive Gold Medal Placement.

Medal Placement Points

30 points for Gold, 20 points for Silver and 10 points for Bronze.

Defeated Players' Points

1 point for every player that you ranked higher for the day. More players that play a day, the more points that are awarded!

Consecutive Solved Puzzles Points

1 point for every day you consecutively solve the puzzle, with a maximum 5 points for the day. Easy points and incentive to play and solve the puzzle EVERY day.

Speed/Time Points

3 points for total time under one minute, 2 points if time is under three minutes and 1 point if time is under five minutes.

Consecutive Gold Medal Placement

Mega points are awarded for back-to-back Gold Wins!!! Awarded points equal total players for back-to-back puzzles multiplied by the number of consecutive wins.

If average is 15 players per day, back-to-back Gold Wins would be worth 30 x 2 = 60 points. For 3 back-to-back Gold Wins would be 45 x 3 = 135 points.



The Eye Spy Game Card consists of 48 cards (8 columns x 6 rows). Close to 12,000 poker hands can be formed by selecting any 5 cards as long as the cards touch one another. Cards do NOT have to be in the same row, column or diagonal fashion – they just have to touch including diagonal corners.

Your job is to find the best 5 card poker hand on the game card. It is that simple – or is it?

Puzzle Every Day

There is a new puzzle every day based on the GMT time zone. If you have problems getting today's correct answer, check back tomorrow and the answer will be revealed.

High to Low Hands

Straight (Royal) Flush

Royal Flush - SA SK SQ SJ S0 Straight Flush - H5 H4 H3 H2 HA

Four of a Kind

King High Four Kind - SK HK CK DK H2 Queen High Four Kind - SQ HQ CQ DQ SA

Full House

Jacks over Fours Full House - SJ HJ CJ D4 H4 Nines over Aces Full House - H9 C9 D9 CA HA


King High Flush - HK H8 H7 H3 H2 Queen High Flush - CQ CJ C0 C8 C6


Queen High Straight - DQ CJ D0 S9 H8

Three of a Kind

Jack High Three of a Kind - DJ CJ HJ C9 H4 Ten High Three of a Kind - D0 C0 H0 CQ HK

Two Pair

Pair of Aces and Threes - SA CA H3 C3 D9 Pair of Kings and Queens - SK DK CQ HQ DA

One Pair

Pair of Nines - D9 H9 SA CJ D4

High Card

High Card King - HK D0 C9 C7 S4